Topic 13–Circulatory System


            Terms to know–hemopoietic tissue, plasma, formed elements, erythrocytes, hemoglobin, leucocyte, platelet, artery, vein, capillary, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, tunica intima, tunica adventitia, tunica media, one-way valve, single circulation, double circulation, portal system, aortic arches, collector loop, pulmonary trunk, carotid duct, common carotid artery, left systemic arch, right systemic arch, vitelline vein, heart, sinus venosus, atrium, ventricle, bulbus cordis, conus arteriosus, conal valves, bulbus arteriosus, aspiration, sinoatrial valve, atrioventricular valve, pericardial cavity, pericardium, conduction system, sinoatrial node (pacemaker), atrioventricular node, Purkinje fibers, Starling reflex (Frank-Starling reflex), trabeculae, coronary artery, coronary vein, accessory heart, cardinal heart, portal heart, caudal heart, interatrial septum, interventricular septum, spiral valve, foramen of Panizza, lymphatic system, lymphatic vessels, lymphatic tissue, edema, lymph, lymph heart, lymph node.


In addition, you need to know ALL of the blood vessels on the accompanying diagram of the shark.


I.  Blood

II.  Types of blood vessels.

            A.  Structure.

            B.  Arteries

            C.  Veins.

            D.  Capillaries.

III.  Shark circulatory system.

            A.  Arteries

            B.  Veins.

            C.  Portal systems.

IV.  Phylogeny of anterior arteries.

            A.  Agnathans.

            B.  Chondrichthians

            C.  Lungfishes.

            D.  Amphibians.

            E.  Reptiles.

            F.  Birds.

            G.  Mammals

V.  Veins.

VI.  Embryology.

VII.  Primitive structure of the heart

VIII.  Cardiac cycle

A.     Sequence

B.     Conduction system

C.     Starling reflex

D.     Oxygen supply 

IX.  Phylogeny

A.     Hagfish

B.     Lampreys and sharks

C.     Teleosts

D.     Lungfish

E.      Amphibians

F.      Squamates and turtles

G.     Crocodilians

H.     Birds and mammals

I.        Accessory respiratory organs

X.  Lymphatic system

            A.  Function

            B.  Vessels

            C.  Tissues