Glenn J. Manning
Associate Professor, Biology

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, 397 University Drive, P.O. Box 3480
University of Arkansas-Monticello, Monticello, Arkansas  71656

Office: B27 Science Center

Office Phone:  870-460-1166; Fax 870-460-1316; E-mail:



Research/Teaching Interests: My interests include many aspects of vertebrate zoology, but my emphasis is on Herpetology. My Ph.D. research was looking into the distribution and species interactions of a unique genus of lizards in Eastern New Mexico. My work was with the genus Aspidoscelis (known as whiptail lizards) and about 60% of the species in this genus are parthenogenetic. Parthenogenisis is a rare form of reproduction in which an egg is not reduced via mitosis and an individual lays eggs that are essentially clones. Unlike the stories of the Komodo Dragon, all young produced via this form of reproduction in whiptails are female. During my research I was lucky enough to identify cases of hybridization between a "normal" (sexual) and a parthenogenetic species that created a triploid hybrid. Not only do I enjoy the research aspect of Herpetology, but I am also an avid herper. I spend many a day or night looking for snakes, salamanders, and other herps.

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